Friday, September 3, 2010

Graveyard Vineyards wines and dry rub

Last month during my visit up to the Paso Robles area I returned to Graveyard Vineyard to sample their latest creations. Driving through their gates, I saw the smiling face of Paula, waiting to show us their latest wines.

The personality of the people pouring the wines can actually make or break the wine tasting experience. In this case, Paula knows what she is doing- she is knowledgeable about the wines and the wine making process and also has humor and an excellent personality- she is easy on the eyes too :).

We tasted everything from their wonderful house wine, the Tombstone Red ($14 a bottle); to their Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, that wine is what I look for in Cabs, huge, meaty, great tannins, and finish. This is a wine that you can drink and enjoy tonight, or lay it down for 5-7 years, and watch it grow and develop into something real special. I love this wine and at $38, I think it is a bargain and holds up to some of the finest Napa Cabernets!

While we were checking out, Paula placed a little something in our shopping bags; it was a Dry Rub that is an old family recipe. Well, this past weekend I decided to give it a try. I put some of that bad boy on some pork spare ribs, oven cooked them for about an hour and a half, then put them into a plastic bag, and poured in some teriyaki sauce and left in the fridge overnight. The next night I put them on the Bar-B-Que, heated them up and poured us glasses of Graveyard Mortal Zin (OMG)… (Those of you that know me know that I am pretty picky when selecting and buying Zinfandels…. There is a bar set that is pretty high). I have to tell you the pairing of that wine and those ribs WERE TO DIE FOR! The Mortal Zin goes for about $22, and is worth it. Graveyard only makes 150 cases of this too. (Why am I telling everyone this? I need more!)

You’re next trip to the Paso Robles area, do not forget to venture up to San Miguel, you won’t be disappointed!




  1. "OMG"? Aren't you, like, 50-something? Are you allowed to say OMG? Won't the Age-ist police come and take you away?

  2. Nahh Roger Goddell just said it was okay for me to use that language...