Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Chronic Cellars… something a bit different

So there I am, I just leave the fancy Justin Gala… driving down Nacimiento Lake Drive in Paso Robles and I see a sign that I have driven past many times, but this time I say hey…. With a name like this, I got to try it.

Chronic Cellars is the baby of brothers/Cellar Rats Jake and Josh Beckett. They started selling their crazy creations in 2008. The prices are a great value, the wines a pretty good too, but what got me was the wonderful names of their wines, and how they got past the legal weenies that watch over the wine label industry I do not know. Take their signature wine for example. Sofa King Bueno. Go ahead, say it out loud…. And again…. Uh huh, yeah, that’s what I thought too. Pretty sofa king funny huh?

Their wines range in price from $14 to $20. From the Sofa King Suite Riesling to the Purple Paradise which is a Zin with a dash of Petite Sirah both going for $14. Their wine club members love these guys and the wines.

Their wine labels are also a work of art.

So next time you are looking for something a bit different, leave your Tastevin in the car and check out Chronic Cellars.



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